importance of social media for business

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Businesses

social media marketing means creating your awareness and promoting your brand to your and media and selling products or services to your customers with the help of Social media Platforms

With good branding on social media, it helps to improve your word-of-mouth marketing as people start to talk and share the content you create and put out as trustworthy sources for their friends and families

social media marketing helps in

Brand Awareness

Implementing a social media strategy increase your brand recognition since your content will be visible to a bigger audience

More Inbound leads

Every social media profile can send traffic to your website and every piece of Content you post in another opportunity

Conversion Rate

Every blog post image or video may lead viewers to your business website, increase traffic and get more leads to your business thereby higher conversion rate

and used to acquire a new customers by personal brand, small businesses as well as big businesses , it is very important for all types businesses

Better customer satisfaction

social media is a networking and communication platform, creating a voice for your company through these platforms is important in humanizing your Company. customers appreciate knowing that post Comments on your page, they will receive a personalized response to for used mg being able to acknowledge each Comment shows that you visitors need and aim to provide the best experience

Social media builds Trust with your potential customers

when you do social media marketing for your brand, it builds trust with your audience and create a sense of security when they purchase from your brand

Unlike traditional marketing like newspaper, television ads, posters social media marketing creates high engagement with at your potential audience and to social media platform is that only that permits you to interact together with your consumers

Hire people

You can hire people who know about your brand and your brands norms

Also, with social media marketing you will be attracting people to work with your brand who know about your brand

With the help of social media marketing

1) Builds Band Recognition

You can reach a huge number of audiences who can be your potential clients online because most of them are daily users of internet, creates a brand awareness for your business who are leveraging digital marketing

2) Builds Reputation: Digital marketing create Brand reputation of your brand among, individuals. By providing great value to your audience, you gain trust and Reputation you’re your Building reputation very important to grow your business

3) Huge engagement: You an interact with your target audience through various platforms like Social media platforms this are the best way to reach out to your potential customers and interact with them

4)saves time and money

Digital Marketing is not only cost-effective but also saves your time, it will give high revenue marketing to date as compared to traditional marketing.

and also, you get analysis of every single thing so you know more about your potential customers.

In this point of time businesses using digital marketing (social media marketing) are growing effectively faster than other businesses

How to do Instagram marketing?

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to get your potential customers Recognised and engage with your potential Customers build a community.

Before you start marketing on Instagram you must get his Right.

First, you got to have a clear Bio of what you or your business do

 your bio is the first impression and why people should Care and follow

Make it simple and clear

SECOND choose the right profile because visitors see your bio and content but first, they see your profile picture

the logo right profile Photo for a Business is usually your Logo, it must be clear and it gets in the Circle of shape


1) Do Branding on every single piece of your content you post on Instagram.

As it will leave an impression on your viewers

2) Create Compelling Content

create content which engages with the people and drive them an action in to content which makes people take action hoy and lives them to an action like the comment and share

This will also help to get more to reach on your Content must get their attention a finite Commodity, engaging and valuable

Now Let’s talk about Instagram’s organic marketing

there are many factors which go into creating a great applause rate, Instagram Presence

and Grow it.

let’s start with hashtags: Hashtags play an important role in promoting your contentorganically, the right hashtags will fetch you more relevant audience and reach on your profile, most of the businesses go wrong here


Hashtags play an important role in pushing your content to people, the right hashtags you use the more quality people your content will reach and there by more opportunities for you to get discovered.

There are many types of hashtags but not all hashtag work great on your account

The most important type of hashtags is relevant to your content based on your niche and geographic hashtags based on your location.

If you have a local business you must use this

But here is the Catch, putting relevant hashtags don’t work great if you don’t follow the strategy which I’m going to explain

I you have an account with close to 1000 followers. Use hashtags which have 50 thousand posts in it.

If you have follower’s close to 5000, Use hashtag with less than 500 thousand posts

If you have close to 10000 followers Use, Hashtags with less than 1 million posts

Because of you have less followers and you put bigger hashtags with a lot of post, it’s hard for your content to get discovered or it gets low impression

Now how do you find this hashtag?

Go to google and Type in and visit the site

Then type in the niche keyword and you will geta lot of hashtags with posts in it, choose accordingly depending on your account (use the criteria which I shared for different followers)

and if you are still unable to research hashtags, then see what your competitors are using, you will get a lot of ideas from them

Tool –

but before using them check if they meet the above criteria

bonus tip: Always we alt text in your posts because it defines your post and Shows to the relevant people


Consistency is the key being Constant helps to maintain Instagram get your reach more or maintain your reach and also you have showup Infront of your buyers of your audience who can be your buyers

4)Cross promotion

 If you as an individual or a brand, you must collaborate with others ho are in your niche through Instagram lives, Doing Lives will increase the visibility of your brand

Conduct live sessions and engage with the audience

5) Evaluate your growth

keep an eye your insights that to track what works best for you and stat building more Content around that.

Now we came to the Paid marketing method.

Advertising on Instagram will help you reach your targeted audience who are your target audience who are you prospects

with its precise targeting options, you can reach people based on their – Location, Demographics, Interests and a lot more in Facebook ads manager

you can also boost your posts reach by clicking and the promote button on to the past and set up an ad

In Facebook ads manager you get more leverage and more tools

By running ads, you can archive your goals faster and more effectively and grow your business

Bonus Tips

Run a Contest ad on your Instagram page as it will give your enormous engagement and followers

This is how Instagram marketing is done and can help you and your business

And while you are building your personal brand Think about how you can monetize your audience

After all the efforts of building your personal brand use it/ leverage it builds your Email list and converts them into paying customers

If you don’t do this or have no intention of doing this in the future with your personal brand then your time and efforts won’t be worth it

So Go ahead and Build your strong Tribe!

Next step: How To Do Social Media Marketing For Your Brand Or Business [Best Practice] (check out this article on how to start with social media marketing, hope it helps 🙂

Thanks for reading !

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