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Social media strategy building for buisnesses

Social media strategy building in an process which you will understand when you do it and it will depend on your business and what you are trying to archive on social media


Three key business areas


  1. Presence

with social sharing the content marketing social media ensure that your message reaches the right people 


 2) Branding

social media can impact how people view your brand and the ideas or traits they relate your brand to


Sentiment – people’s feeling towards your brand


Evangelist – number of people mentioning you all your product on social media


Brand mentions – customers promoting your product to their friends


  1. Conversions patients are not just about sales and leads

 Sales and leads – view and by product and increase orders


Social activities share your articles on products through email Facebook Twitter and YouTube 


Subscription – submit your review about a product and comment on it


Narrowing down achievable business goals


Ask department about their goals


Ask team let’s of different departments and their goals for the next financial year are


Creating a plan



State the information obtained to start creating a plan


Identify the goals and micro goals


Goals tasks to be achieved ultimately 

example go to the movie 


Micro goals steps taken to achieve the task example what to watch overdrive


Detailed goals produce stronger micro goals


Drive new referral traffic, enroll repeat students, contact potential New audience is an goal


Define tactics according to the micro goals

Drive u referral traffic, contact potential audience and rule repeat students


Choose channels according to tactics

There must be an overlap of different things and the overlap will define the best channel for your business


Choose 3-4 overlaps

When you have 3 – 4 overlaps it’s considered as an healthy channels to work upon and can be one of the best things you can do


Building campaign foundation put together and Campaign idea to buy the foundation


Content plans must be related to education on educating audiences on your product or services


Camping idea you must focus on conversions you can also see the past conversions and do more that 

Ongoing process of compounding


Learning efforts

 measure result 

analyse data 

determine value

 Examine paths 

re-order rules 

craft new campaigns


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