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How to do social media marketing for your brand or business [Best Practice]

Social media marketing is a marketing technique or strategy that is done on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms 

Which social media platform should you focus on?

which social media to focus

It depends on your business and the people who are your prospects/potential customers.

There are different types of people on every social media for example Pinterest consists of more Women than Men, second example Facebook may contain a lot of older generation (these examples are for explanatory purposes)

If we see the current trending social media, Instagram 

A lot of younger generation is on this platform and if you are a brand/business whose audience are younger generation then they must be on Instagram

On average these are the 3 social media platforms brands use.

  •  Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube 

But there are other platforms too, based on your brand you need to cater/use this platform 

The best practice of choosing a social media is 

1) looking at your customer avatar and finding the right social media platforms

2) Test different social media platforms

How to get started?

1) Signup on social media platforms

2) opt for a business account (some social media platforms have or may not have this)

3) Add in your business details like address, phone number, etc

After you are done with the set-up process, it’s time to plan content 

Social Media Planning

content planning


Content is the heart and soul of social media marketing; you need to plan content based on your business and also how much content your team produces and what form of content to create. 

Some brands have In-house social media marketing teams and others hire social media marketing agencies or freelancers to the work.

Consistency is a key in social media marketing

Content Forms

content forms

  1. Picture
  2. Video
  3. Audio 

These are the types of content forms you can work on or start with a few and slowly scale and add up.

In social media marketing, the content marketing part depends on what industry you are in. In different industries, a particular thing gives more ROI or audience Engagement



Your brand can collaborate with people in your industry/niche, this will increase your brand awareness, grow your social media, it’s humanizing and engaging with people.

Now let’s talk about engagement.


social media engagement

If a brand doesn’t engage with its audience will never be recognized by the audience and lack of engagement is not going

You can engage with people by replying to their comments, messages and doing likes once in a while.

These will show that the brand is caring about the audience and humanizing.

 One thing you must do in social media marketing is Humanize your brand 

Call To Action

call to action

Want to get good ROI with social media marketing?, have something in a back end that directs the audience to convert

You can get up a funnel 

Conversion can mean different things for different brands at a different level of the funnel

Social media is a part of the top of a funnel 

You can do lead generation, sell products and services, etc. these are the call to action you need to have in your social media marketing efforts.

One thing not to do is sell, people don’t like to be sold every time, you must add value in others’ lives or to your audience

Adding value to the audience

value addition

Adding value can be done by creating valuable content for your audience, do live sessions where you help your audience, provide freebies backed up by lead capturing/lead generation

And when you do these, you build trust with your audience and they buy/convert and become loyal customers to your brand

When adding value combined with selling, you win and not 

Always sell without providing value, building trust, and humanizing. 

Now these are the things you need to know when you do social media marketing, commenting down below your thoughts will make me feel good and I would know if this article was helpful for you

Go ahead and do social media marketing for your Brands

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 – amron 


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