social media marketing definition

what is the definition Social media marketing [ what you need to know]

Before we look into social media marketing definition, Let’s understand what is Marketing 

Marketing is a way to reach out to audiences, promote and sell products  

There are a lot of ways companies market their company, products, and services on news, tv, Radio ( traditional marketing), and social media – Facebook, Instagram, etc 

Social media marketing definition

Social media marketing utilizes social media to build a brand, marketing products,

and services to the right audience by using targeting and not targeting methods. 

Why do people do social media marketing these days 

Why social media marketing?

In the digital world, we live in, on average a person uses social media for 2 hours and now traditional media

like TV and newspaper are less consumed by the newer generation 

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

and also traditional marketing is shotgun marketing or mass marketing that is hard to target based on your customer avatar

and also it doesn’t show you the matrix or stats that are very important and are shown on social media. 

In digital marketing, social media marketing plays an important as it can help you get Infront of the right audience or your customer avatar 

How does social media benefit businesses? 

It helps to build audiences

build audience on social media

 People interested in the brand, product, or service follow and become the audience.

And these help to keep the brand in front of them and buy through the customer journey life cycle, If they like your brand, products, and service, then they will be your audience as you will be building trust with them after they follow you by posting valuable and trustworthy content.

It can help to reach the right audience with targeted ads. 

targeted ads

On social media, you can run targeted ads by targeting based on Demographics, Interests, Behaviors, geographics, etc

and This is a Part of reaching to the right set of audience to build your brand and sell products and services

Social media(digital marketing) is the future of marketing 

By Giving each marketing method its share social media may be one of them that holds most of it as social media is where most of the things happen that also happens on website/blog is Awareness 

Awareness is The top of the funnel or you may call it the first meeting point for a huge audience and then social media helps businesses to move people into the middle of the funnel and finally at the bottom of the funnel.

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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing utilizes social media to build a brand, marketing products, and services to the right audience by using targeting and not targeting methods. 

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

It builds Awareness, Trust, Authority, Traffic and lead generation, and sales

can social media marketing increase brand awareness?

Yes, social media plays an important role in increasing brand awareness

is social media marketing a good career

Social media marketing is a great career and businesses need social media marketing in the 21st century

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