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Social media scheduling 101 (Free or paid for you?)

What is social media scheduling?

Scheduling a post on social media is setting a time to automatically post or post in advance so you don’t have to worry about it later or miss the time. Tools like a Facebook studio or tailwind helps to schedule the post on social media platforms

Why should we schedule posts on social media?

Scheduling is a time-saving technic that not only saves time but also doesn’t need to worry about missing a day or time to post on social media

Content agencies mostly schedule 1 or 2 months of content in advance which helps them to focus on their core work and don’t have to hustle for the right time or day or missing a post

When you schedule, it can help you become productive with your time or your teams.

How to schedule posts on social media 

There are some social media with a schedule option inbuilt in them like YouTube and some without it but no need to worry

There are free and paid software’s like the Facebook studio, tailwind, buffer, etc

Now let’s talk about each software and look at its features

Facebook studio

The Facebook Studio is free software that helps to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram

You can schedule normal posts, IGTV, etc on Instagram and posts on Facebook

With scheduling, you can also see the performance, insight, and a lot, more to play around


Tailwind is free and also it has paid plans which can help you schedule posts on Instagram and Pinterest

YouTube studio

It is a tool by YouTube for its creators where you can schedule, see the performance, do search engine optimization and manage your YouTube channel and it’s completely free and there is no better tool than this


Buffer is a paid tool but you can use the trial, it supports LinkedIn, Facebook partner Twitter and Pinterest

Host suite

Hootsuite supports social platforms with has a profile, pages, groups Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Flickr, Vk, Tumblr, foursquare and several more

Which one should you use Free or paid?

If you are using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and have a low budget or more time with you then use the Facebook studio for Facebook and Instagram, and for YouTube use YouTube studio or tailwind if you use Pinterest

If you have a brand or business which uses different social media platforms, you can choose from Buffer or host suite


Scheduling posts on social media is one the best technic in social media marketing which saves time and effort also you don’t have to worry about missing anything. If you are a content agency scheduling 1 month of the content of your client will help you boost the productivity and focus of your team and deliver work on time

If you are someone who has time to posts or schedule posts on more than 1 platforms like the Facebook studio and YouTube studio and also based on your needs go for the free tools

If you are someone busy and handles a lot of platforms and have a budget to make the process fast or you are an agency you can go with paid tools like a buffer or a better host suite

Do let me know what you thought and which platforms are you going to use for your social media

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