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Best social media marketing strategy for Real estate [ Full Strategy ]

 Real estate companies and realtors can use the power of social media to build their brand and sell properties by creating awareness, targeting, and building the right audience who are likely to buy from you. 

Social media is top of the funnel activity for every business, It helps them come in front of their potential clients and customers and social media can help your potential clients move from the top (know you) to the bottom (buy from you) stage.

The first question you may have in your mind is:

What social media platforms can help the real estate industry? 

Here are the top social media platforms that are tried and tested and are working now.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube

There are 2 ways you can market your real estate business on social media.

  1. Organic
  2. Inorganic

Using Organic method on social media 

The organic method consists of posting and engaging with the audience of social media platforms.

Posting pictures and videos of the properties for sale or rent, sharing information about your company – like why they should buy from you and what are your USP (unique selling point) and real estate Investing.

These will give the end result of building awareness, trust, authority in the market.

You will be building an audience who are your followers, who followed you or your company because they are interested in real estate and like your brand, and the plus point here is, they can be your future customers or clients 

How to do social media marketing?

Just posting and leaving the platform won’t help, what you need to know is, to get the impression(views) on your posts, you need to use hashtags, Interact and engage with the audience and humanize your brand.

Instagram and Facebook 

Facebook and Instagram are the most important channels in social media marketing.

Here is a checklist While you post on Instagram and Facebook:

  1. Location
  2. Alt text 
  3. Hashtags
  4. Tags 
  5. Share it as a story 
  6. Re-engage 

You don’t need to add the exact location but adding the location (area and state) will help people who see your post know where your business serves.


You can add alt text just for the algorithm to understand your post.

For example, you can add alt text for villas as villa or villa for sale or villa for sale in [Location]. 


Most important factor for organic method, add at least 25 relevant targeted hashtags.

 example, #nameofthelocality #villain(location) #realestatein(location) etc, 


Once you see people leaving comments or a message be sure to reply and engage.

Branding Tip: create your branded hashtag with your name or your company name.

To Create: Type in the hashtag in the post and publish and done, you have just created your own hashtag.


You can tag yourself or your company’s social media handle – these can help an additional source to drive people to your home page.

Share on the story: To reach more of your followers/audience, you can share your post on your story with some stickers, votes, and other features on Instagram.

This was for Instagram and to make things easier you can connect your Instagram to your Facebook account and post on both at one time. 

How to do it?

connect instagram to facebook

At the last step to post content on Instagram, you have some options to post it on other social media platforms especially Facebook 

Click on the Facebook option and set it up for one time and you are ready to go and the same time by just clicking the Facebook option once and it will be posted at the same time as your Instagram 


LinkedIn is a highly-focused social media platform for professionals and business owners who are looking for different opportunities and human resources. 

Here are the things to keep in mind when you post on LinkedIn.

You can add pictures/videos with captions with details of the properties, some hashtags

You can connect with realtors, brokers, and potential buyers and can generate business through LinkedIn

Try to use hashtags especially Geographic hashtags that most people follow and it will show the post to the right people and it can also act as segmenting the post for different locations.

For example, a potential buyer is looking for a commercial building in an ‘X’ location, If he searches for that and lands in the Geo – hashtags then it would show him relevant information and that helps the prospect as well the real estate company/broker.

Inorganic method on social media 

Facebook ads and Google ads (Performance marketing) 

These are the top 2 digital advertisement tools, These can help your properties be viewed by the right customers/potential clients. 

Advertisements platforms and social media helps you to run targeted ads.

  • Facebook ads – Facebook and Instagram 
  • Google ads – Google and YouTube

You can run ads on Different platforms to reach your potential clients/customers.

How and what you can target on Facebook/Google ads for real estate.

To run ads, you need to opt-in for Facebook ads business account and ads manager, and in the case of Google, you can signup for Google Adverts.

Before you run ads you must define your ad’s goal, is it to build awareness? or Is it to Convert/sell the property and who is your audience?

The goals may vary from traffic (awareness) to Conversions (lead generation) and audience to audience.

Once you choose the goal you will have to set the targeting and add the ad graphic or pictures of the property and done but, in the process, there are a lot of other options 

You can check out these videos to see the detailed Facebook ads creation 

Also, the Google ads creation is somewhat similar but not the same.

What to Target? Or Who to Target?

There are targeting options based on Demographics, Interests, Geographics, Age Etc.

To know what to target you must have a clear idea of your potential clients/customers(Customer Avatar).

For example – A person aged 35–50-year-old, Lives in a particular state, country, interested in Real estate investment/Searching for a home, also you can target based on his profession and income and a lot more. 

Once you target the right audience (who are your potential buyers), you will be able to be Infront of the right people with your brand and offer.

Sales funnels and landing pages 

Having landing pages and funnels will increase your conversion rate and it helps you to collect details like name, email, phone number, and other important details you need from your potential clients or customers.

Here is a landing page (I had designed)

real estate landing page

You can run digital ads to landing pages that will show your credibility, sell them with the landing page, and collect data on your prospects via a sales funnel.

This data can you keep in touch with them and nurture them with emails that will build awareness, trust, and authority also this data can be used for retargeting.

Here is how the funnel looks like:

Real estate funnel

And by implementing all these in your business you are automating a lot of processes and saving time and growing a business with digital marketing that is impossible in traditional marketing.

Once you test and improve the funnel experience for your audience, your conversion rates will start increasing.

But, it’s not easy as it is portrait, as this is a brief overview of how things work.

If you need help in creating a Digital marketing strategy and do digital marketing, you can reach out to me and we can discuss it and also, I’ll be able to help you via my consultation and services. 

Thank you for reading, hope you understood how social media marketing, landing page building, email marketing work together to bring better results

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