how to build an audience to social media

How to Build an audience on social media efficiently?

Ever wondered Why people Create content? Is it because they have a lot of time?

We are going to discuss it in this article in-depth

Why me (amron silva) talk about this topic, I’m social media marketer who is practically building his personal brand and audience.

Building your own audience is a key factor now in 2021 and it will be to years to come. How To Build An Audience On Social Media Efficiently?

It’s no longer that time when if you wanted to build your personal you build it but now it’s no longer sustainable in the long run.

You see many beginners, intermediate and experts in a particular niche/field build a personal brand.,

If you are

a beginner also who is just starting can start building your personal brand by sharing your knowledge and learnings. This is a great start. Building your

personal brand will help you grow the small business as well as big business


  • 1) Value
  • 2)Interaction
  • 3)being You (your character which why people will join your audience, don’t copy others)

1) Value

Start providing valuable content on social media and blogs. Value is what attracts people.

Add value to other people’s lives

2) Interact with people and not social media

means your follower are real people, create and do things with human psychology in mind.

It will be you connect better with your audience/followers.

3) Be yourself, you are a unique personality who is a USP of your brand and never try to copy others because they are growing their personal brand faster, take inspiration but Never copy.



YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to build your personal brand by showing your face and your voice, your face value increases, and more and more people start knowing you

In the future this is a huge opportunity for you, you can leverage it to build your start-up, promote products and services, and also your social proof will give you and your upcoming ventures a Boost or a push that everyone needs at the beginning of the start.

I have been building My personal brand on YouTube


Instagram is a platform that is great to build your personal brand

There was a time when Facebook had reach but now the reach has Completely died off.

Now Instagram is the platform working right now.

With its upcoming new features, the reach is high in those new features and Instagram has a good reach

On Instagram you can build an engaging audience to whim you can interact and engage.


I Have Talked About Facebooks Dead Reach But.

There is reach in Facebook groups, you can start starting value, interact and engage the audience. Personally, I have tested this method and it works great when you provide value in the groups

Facebook groups are huge.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform with the highest reach, if you are writing blogs on your niche then you should share some of it on LinkedIn. And even if you don’t have a blog you can start writing on LinkedIn

You can write what you know, what you experienced, your thoughts and a lot more this will help you attract people to your personal brand

How to win people with your personal brand?

Wining people is understanding people, means understanding what they want, how they want and appealing to them, and engaging with them.

If you see big personal brands, they focus on providing value, presenting in their own way, and always engaging with their audience in the forms of AMA sessions, Live sessions on social media, and also webinars, replying to comments

First: Value is the first thing in building a personal brand, people follow you because of value, if you are providing in others’ life people follow you.

What type and in what form you can provide value?

First will look into what type of value you can provide to people, providing value in the form of content.

There are different ways of providing valuable content through videos, podcasts, and blogs 

1) Long-form Articles and videos:

Long Articles: Write in-depth detailed articles in your niche on Your Blog like 3000 to 6000 words articles

Long videos: Create Long videos where you explain a particular topic, share tips and tactics, create webinars or live in-depth lives and post it on YouTube.

45 minutes to 2 hours video come in the long video category

2) Micro/ short videos

you can provide tips, strategies, and tactics in the short form content on Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, also soon on other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn

Micro videos are growing and have become a trend.

30 second – 1-minute videos come in a short video

3) Medium-sized articles and video

Articles with 500 to 1000 words are good for platforms like LinkedIn

Medium video duration is between 7 to 20 minutes work great on YouTube, IGTV, and Facebook Groups

3) Carousels – Carousels work best on Instagram as they create high engagement

In carousels, you can share Tools, Tips, strategies, News updates, and a lot more

Carousels content 3 – 10 pictures of content 

4) Short articles with 200 words for Twitter in which you share your learning, your message, and quotes based on your experiences

You can do a lot but this look overwhelmed which is not if you do this one thing


Repurposing content is the name of GAME. Now it becomes interesting to create content like never before.

Ever heard of this term?

Most of the content creators repurpose their content on different content which saves time and effort and helps You multiply your content

First will see how you can repurpose video content.

Your 1 long video can multiply into more than 10 medium and short videos

For example, if you make 1 long video on YouTube, you can cut the video into medium and short videos which can be posted on Instagram reels and IGTV, LinkedIn, YouTube shorts, etc

Now will take a specific example: if you create a video on the top 10 tools, you can cut 10 clips from the video and post those 10 videos one by one in Instagram reels.

If you got my point type ‘yes” in the comments section

And in this format, you can do a lot of repurposing which is much needed as there are different audiences on different social media platforms.

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