how to grow your online fitness business

most effective way to grow your fitness consulting business

Performance Marketing is a great marketing technique that is razor-focused on targeting, optimizing, and increasing the conversion rate

Now will see what is performance marketing

Performance marketing is a combination of social media marketing, funnel building (landing page building), email marketing, etc but these 3 things are a must for performance marketing.

So here are the things you need and how the whole system works as one

Landing pages

landing page

First, you need to build a landing page for your products or service – Training, coaching, consulting, mentoring, etc.

A landing page is not just a page with products info, it’s a page that sales your product and to make it a sale you need to do Copywriting and Designing to make it attractive and converting for the people

You can also call it a sales page as it’s a salesperson for your fitness business

Where it is used

The traffic you will send via media buying (social media ads or google ads) which be redirected to the landing page

Email Marketing

email marketing

Emails are the form of information you can get from your potential clients that must be stored and used to nurture and motivate your potential clients to buy your products/services

With email, you will be able to send emails to a group of people at 1 time and also you can send emails to a specific group

For example, if a person doesn’t open the email, you can send him a different message or there are a lot of other ways of email marketing

Other than emails you can get other important data like phone number, city, etc and this can help you better market your fitness coaching

Where is it used

Emails with other data can be used to follow-up as well as nurture your audience

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Once you have all the things set up and you are ready to go, you need to be Infront of your potential clients, and to do these you need to market it right audience via your customer avatar through social media advertising.

Now in social media, there are 2 ways you can market

Organically without targeting

In the Organic method, you need to create content that your customers would love to consume maybe fitness tips or effective exercises, etc

You can create posts, videos, reels, and Live’s to be Infront of people and when it comes to promotion you can use hashtags and collaborate with others in your niche

Social media channels you can use

1.  Instagram

2.  Facebook

3.  LinkedIn

4.  YouTube




Takes a lot of time to see results and effort but it’s worth it in the long term

You can razor target your audience not retarget them to show your product/service

Paid with Targeting

Paid targeting method is a powerful and effective method a business can use to see great results in less time

Because you pay social media platforms to be Infront of your customer avatar/ potential clients

Paid advertising requires more resources and research and testing

Here are the things you need to run ads

1.  Facebook page and the Instagram page linked together

2.  Facebook business account and ad account

3.  Ad copy

4.  Ad creative

5.  Ad targeting (customer avatar – age, demographics, interest, location, etc)

6.  Functional landing page

7.  Pixel

These are the things to run advertisement efficiently also when you create ads like ad copy, ad creative, the landing page must comply with the rules of Facebook and google if not your ads and ad account can get banned and it can be a disaster.

The performance of your advertisements depends on a lot of factors and targeting, budget, ad copy and creativity are the most important and also the landing page

For example, if you implement the ad creation properly and they are reaching the right audience and people are coming to the landing but your landing page is not that great then you will lose some people thereby lower conversions on the landing page which reflects on overall marketing efforts.

If you do all the things properly you will see great results, if not done properly then you are going to lose conversions

If you need help implementing this for your fitness business you can watch the training video(link below) and follow the process 

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