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Did You know what marketing means and what are its fundamentals, in this Article I’m Going to talk about marketing adding my personal experience and learnings, This Article will be Useful for entrepreneurs, Freelancers and business owners.

“Did You know Marketing is based on science and not on creativity”

Marketing is also understanding your customers and delivering your message to them.

Marketing plays main role in Every business to get going in Acquiring your clients and customers.

Marketing starts before creating the product. It starts with understanding the customer and customers’ needs that lead to creating a product that fits the market you want to serve.

you need to understand the customers’ needs and will the product help solve their problem in the market without this the product is more likely to fail. That’s why you need to analyse the market and the product. 

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at that point of time.


In marketing, if you market the wrong product to the wrong person then it doesn’t make any sense and you will lose time, efforts and your money.

Marketing is not just about selling a product or service but, it is also about Retaining, keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them and supporting them so that they remain a customer for life.

A happy life long customer will become an advocate for you and your business, he can help you get referrals and support what you do. “When you give more, you get more”.

Marketing is a game of perceptions; a product is the root in realityand the customer experiences the product or service.

 You should Never let marketing become more important than the product because if you Do great marketing but You focus less on the product and the quality, people will be frustrated with your Brand and it will build a bad reputation towards your business which can damage your whole business and there is higher chance of failure.

 A great product sells itself meaning, if you develop something which is helping people achieve what they want and the product I high quality then the product will sell itself by Word of Mouth which is one of the best types of marketing which involves your product and customers, you must focus more On this marketing type.

example. On One side a company says its products are best and on other side a person say that x company’s products are best, who would you believe and trust More?

Obviously, it’s the person, as people want to hear from the people and they believe in people. Because people experience the products.

And this way your great product coverts your customer into brand ambassadors

And Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.

Advertising is the one of the components of marketing through which you make people aware of your product or service By Running Traditions or Digital Ads.

Copywriting is also an Important component which helps to get more conversions with words, if you mess-up your copy, you will mess-up sales because how good your product be if you don’t do the best copywriting for it, you can lose a lot sale.

Sales is one of the components of marketing, if you market your product but it doesn’t get sales then there is something wrong on the process.

You need a great product[as1] , but marketing not only helps people discover the product, but also have a good perception about the product (Example – Apple).

Branding a strong Brand

Do not be Number one in the category, Be the only one.

You should Choose a category and become a leader, focus on a niche where no one is top and you become the only one.

This means you need to choose a Micro niche in that category

Deciding where to compete is half your success as there will be no time wasted in competing with giants and leaders in that category.

Dominate that category.

Like xerox, Google and zoom, this companies have dominated their category and now they have become verbs.

Ever said, I will xerox so and so page instead of copy, I bet You did.

If you cannot be a leader in a category, be a leader in a sub category/Micro niche. Example, one plus and Apple iPhone are known for a particular category in their main category.

One plus is known for its Fast processors and on the hand, iPhone is known for User experience.

Marketing Gives you immediate ROI (Return on investment) because it is what takes the products in the market and Infront of the people.

Marketing Cannot be outsourced completely to a marketing agency because the founder knows his product and customers, founder should be a marketer working together with an agency

“Understand the customer and developing the point in such a way that it fits the customers’ needs well that the product or service sells itself”

If you know how to market and sell, you have a safe career because without this it would be difficult to survive and digital marketing can be very helpful for new startups

Importance of communication

A Good marketer is all about communication because communication is very important in every expects of the business

A Good communication means – am I able to transfer my thoughts to you effectively is the only question to ask.

Writing like you talk. Means what you write must feel like you are talking with your reader and Join the conversation in peoples mind. Understand your target audience very well so that you resonate with them whenever you communicate with them.

Example – don’t write something which starts a conversation like Run Google ads instead join the conversation by saying, Is Your Google ads not performing well.

Write a lot, because practice makes it better, the better you write, better you speak

Writing slows down your thought process and gives you clarity

And if you want to make your English better than think everything in English.

The Basics of Global Economics

Every entrepreneur should learn about global economics. Make decisions in your business based on economics so that you and I can grow our economy and help our country.

A country economy goes up as the average age of the country goes up

In India because we have a lot of youths age between 25-35 years our Indian economy will grow exponential in the coming years.

First focus on the market which has the profit example.

OnePlus, one plus was producing flagship mobiles and now they are focusing on mid-range mobile with the sub brand OnePlus Nord

Now, let understand What is direct response marketing

In direct response marketing you just run ads for awareness

Most people Run ads and do not see if the ad is working or Not, they just run it without any goal or tactic in mind

This is Important and Helpful for New start-ups

Marketing executes in companies and Ad agencies Run rand campaigns which do not give specific and measurable results as they are focusing on Brand Awareness which is not measurable.

Direct response is a type of marketing designed to get an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action


Advertisement in newspaper with a phone number to call

A late-night information with a phone number and order.

Ad leading to a lead Form

A sales page with a product with a line purchase the product.

Or anything leading to a particular action.

Understanding Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing.

Tradition marketing and digital marketing Both work Great but It depends on your business and business model

For example, if you want to promote your Blog you won’t be using traditional marketing.

If a product Is generic with a very wide targeting- TV Ads can reach a million at a low cost. (Example.Apple)

There are 100’s of millions of TV in India, the reach of Digital Marketing is nowhere close to TV based on numbers alone.

Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English-speaking population in India with spending power ~ 100 million users

Radio has reach of 65% of the Indian population (Source: Financial Express)

Newspapers has a reach of 465 million people (source: Financial Express)

Both Marketing has the Advantages and the disadvantages but they both works depending on your goal and busin

The CATT Marketing Funnel.

C – Content: Create useful content that attracts people from your niche. Blog posts, Videos, Lead magnets, Live webinars etc.

A – Attention: Drive attention (Traffic) to your content using SEO, Social Media,

Paid Ads and Referrals

T – Trust: Build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing Automation and Retargeting.

T- Transaction: Convert your leads into Customer’s with natural sales methods.

Niche is your success and wealth depend on the niche you choose.

Niche can be found through Talent, passion and Market.

Funnel is very important for getting more revenue

The Power of personal brand

The best known will always beat the best, means If you are best at something but you are not sharing it or showcasing it to the world then your work will not be seen by other and you will have very less opportunities than the one who is doing personal branding.

People want to hear from people, not from brands

For example , how Digital Deepak is doing in his digital training niche

When company brands communicate with you it feels unnatural, but when people talk its always natural and it builds trust and connection with others.

Example, Digital Deepak is a bigger brand than many digital marketing companies because its personal and its deep

Similarly, Elon musk, he has a bigger following than his companies SpaceX and Tesla.

The Downside of personal Brand is it cannot be invested in and it cannot be Sold

The Upside: A Personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence

For example, if you have a personal brand it will be easier to build different companies with the help of influence you will be able to Create awareness, Trust and Gain clients/customers for it.

A Personal brand becomes an influence and a brand ambassador for the companies the person Run. Like if you build your personal brand you will be able to create awareness and trust for your new venture.

Why personal Brand is Important?.

Integrated Marketing

Personal Brand is more Important than anything in this day and age, It helps Us to standout, Reduce competition, Get an extra edge over others and gain a lot of opportunities.

integrated marketing, you can say it as digital marketing on steroids

In integrated marketing you combine all the marketing techniques and make them work together

Integrated marketing includes,

Search engine optimization

Search engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital display Marketing

Content writing

You Use all this Marketing techniques and run your prospects into the sales process,

With the help of all the techniques, you provide Tone of value to people and also Run as to attract them to the system.

The process starts with providing Quality Content to the people which will further help them take discussion to transact with you.

Content Marketing plays the Important role in Integrated Marketing because content is what gives value to people and attracts them


Marketing is not just about an advertisement buts its way more than that, with other expects kept in mind like You need to Analyse the Market, understand your customers, Create a product which sells itself means Creating Best quality problem which satisfies your customers Needs and Provides an great experience which is very important for an company,

Building your personal brand is the key in Todays market to standout and gain opportunities for you as well your you venture,

Integrated marketing is the best marketing which you can adopt for yourself as you will be gaining people all round the internet with different methods and converting them into your valuable customers.

There are a lot of things go into marketing physically as well as mentally,

 Do share your thoughts on Marketing in simple words in the comments.


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