best instagram hashtags strategy

Best Hashtags strategy for Instagram

Did you know the right way to use hashtags? if not read it till the end

hey I am amron silva let’s get started, hashtags play a very important role in pushing your content to the people the right hashtags you use the more people it will reach and there’s a better chance for you to get discovered.

there are many types of aesthetics but not all hashtags work great on your account the most important type of hashtags are your relevant hashtags to your content and geographic hashtags.

If you have a local business geographic hashtag are very important and you must use it but here’s the catch,

most of the hashtags doesn’t work on your account.

I’m going to use an hashtags strategy that i follow to grow my as well as my Clients IG accounts

 if you have an account close to 1000 followers use hashtags which have post less than 50 000.

if you have an account with less than 5000 followers use hashtags which have post less than 500 thousand


 if you have an account with 10,000 followers use hashtags which have posts less than 1 million because if you have less followers and you put bigger hashtags with a lot of post there’s less chance for your content to get discovered


how to find those hashtags?

 you must list down those hashtags which are relevant to your content.

Here is how you find Instagram hashtags

Go the search option of Instagram and then in the hashtags section and Type in your niche

As per the Above strategy

Instagram hashtags strategy

The Second-Best method to find Instgram hashtags is your Competitor

Go to your competitors with same followers and look his hashtags, there you will get a lot of ideas

Take note: before using them check if they meet our criteria and use them and Make sure they have similar followers then you

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