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My experience with Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP testimonial)

DIP is one of the best mentorship programs I have ever been in, personal I loved it, Digital Deepak

Deepak sir has achieved his my aim of creating the internship which is Transformation

It was transformational as it not only consists of digital marketing information but it’s more focused on implementation and Deepak and the teams weekly live sessions were another side of upskilling out knowledge plus out life, Deepak sir shared a lot his life lessons and Deepak and his team did sessions of following the goals, doing things and building our deep motivation based on what we want to archive

DDIP is one of the best decisions of my life (19 yr old ), it has taught me so much more than I expected, Digital Deepak internship was is an over-delivered program

In the training program, we all interns show Deepak’s main motive which is to help us grow in our career

This was perfectly crafter for implementation
When Deepak sir saw people not completing conventionally recorded courses without an action plan
He created Digital Deepak Internship Program ( main aim – transformation which Deepak sir has achieved)

If I talk about the community/group of members or interns, they were committed and supportive which Deepak sir has sent us a mail on this and we all respected it, all members support and help each other, you will be with like-minded people who have the same interests

Deepak and the team(mentors) are doing things above and beyond things, my mentor was Deepak with Divya, we were provided with information, learnings, a roadmap of a successful journey

I loved this so much, it opened my mind and it was unbelievable to see this in the program.

Here is what we learned

Deepak sir taught us everything in digital marketing –

SuccessMindset, Marketing fundamentals

Seo, paid ads (Facebook and google), lead generation, deep marketing automation, social media and networking, creating WordPress blog, finding a niche

Plus there were bonus weeks
Freelancing, affiliate marketing, mentoring, personal branding,

Plus, yes you heard it right, plus
Weekly sessions on goals, success mindset, how to follow plans, and everything which a person need in a career

It has been a perfect course with world-class knowledge

Deepak sir gave as a walkthrough in 12 weeks and in the bonus weeks you were allowed to choose a particular thing which you want to Focus

For example, if you want to become a freelancer, there is a whole session on it and also you will have to complete an assignment on it which are pretty amazing

This will get you started with your career in any field in digital marketing

Thank you so much Deepak sir and the team

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