How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand’s Authority?

Can you think of a brand that doesn’t have brand authority? The answer is the brand that is not online or on social media.

As of now most of the population is using digital platforms to help them make buying decisions.

They will try to go on their website and social media pages to check their presence and how much people love the brand.

The days are gone when if anyone recommended a product or service one would buy it.

Now people look at reviews, comments, and what others have to say about their products and services.

Brand awareness 

Brand awareness starts when a brand creates content on social media.

Why only once they start on social media?

The potential people who are going to buy your product or service are on social media platforms. You have to define who your audience is by their demographics and psychographics.

Defining your audience or building a customer avatar you will have a clear picture of whom you are creating your content and want to serve.

For example think of 2 brands, 1 being on social media and 1 not, who will trust more? Obviously the one on social media and putting themselves out there to their potential customers.

Sharing customer/clients results/stories

Sharing stories about your customers and clients on how they changed their lives and business.

Sharing stories of customers before and after using your product and service helped them achieve the result that you are providing. 

You can also get video testimonials from your customers and add those to your brand’s social media page can really have a great impact on your brand authority.

It is the best way to connect with your potential customers and build your authority.

Showing where they stand

A brand should showcase what the brand is doing in the market, what is their USP, how they provide something that is out of the league for its competitors, sharing how they work as a team and creates an impact in people’s lives. 

For example if you are a service provider share how you go about crafting the service and making it work with businesses 

Or if you are a product business, showcase what are the benefits that you are providing and how you are making it safe for people. 

Show how you create the product or provide the service

If you are a product brand, share the ingredients and the benefits that will have in their customers’ lives.

Capture the product research, production processes, and testing that gives an assurance of how much you care for your audiences.

If you are a service brand, share what are the practices that make your service work with businesses.

Share what are the main steps you take to help businesses with your service. Share the steps you took for a client that worked out great for their business.

Showcase the things you take into account before providing the service.

Brand talks by others

On social media when people talk about your product you have 2 types of audience to serve or respond.

  1. The user sharing about the brand

You have to respond and reply to the people featuring your products.

  1. The potential customers are watching what other people have to say.

Showcase how others are benefiting from your products and services. 

People do make decisions based on what other product users say about it in their content, comments, reshapes and reviews.

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