How I helped a fitness consultant get 300 leads – case study

As a fitness consultant/coach. What can you do with the new 300 leads with their contact details? 

Hi, this is Amron and I helped a fitness consultant/coach get qualified leads via the digital marketing funnel. Want to know how? Keep reading. 

The traffic source we used was Facebook Ads. We ran 2 types of campaigns – conversion and leads to get leads. But choosing these 2 campaign goals won’t work out if the ad copy, ad creative, audience targeting and tracking sucks. 

Now what to do to convert the Facebook and Instagram audience?

  • Answer – test but most of the people missed the part/step that comes before it.

Knowing your customers/clients to a T. 

Before you build your marketing funnel you need to know who are the people that will have an impact in their life via your products/services. 

If you generalize yourself and want to help everyone by attacking everyone with the same ad then it’s sure that it will get you fewer results. 

What solution for this? 

Customer Avatar, a customer avatar is details about your customer. For example, You can list down things like his demographics, interest, geography, etc.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Place
  • Location
  • Interests 
  • profession 
  • and a lot more. 

And the in-depth part, what problem are they facing in business/relationships/health(based on your niche), what challenges and struggles do they face, etc. 

Now you know your customer. You can fill each column by averaging out all the details based on the similar patterns you see. example, Age: 30 – 60 years old.

This is just 1 customer avatar, you can have more if you are serving a different audience or you are yet to define a specific niche. Once you have a customer avatar you will know who to target with a specific ad for each. By doing this you will not target everyone that may be fewer results as compared to a specific audience with a specific creative, copy, and call to action in an ad.  

The next step I followed was to know where the customer avatar hangs out/spends time. 

Here is something you can look out for:

  1. Blogs
  2. YouTube Channels
  3. Influencers
  4. Communities

These will help you in reaching the right audience or tap into their audience. There are even deeper levels you can go by knowing your audience/customer avatar.

Once you have this, it’s time to build a funnel and plan the ads.

Here are the working parts of a funnel:

  1. Landing page
  2. Email marketing software
  3. Automation

The landing page and your ad must relate to each other

Landing Page:

A landing page is a page on your website that is specifically designed for your customer avatar, product or service, etc. It consists of content that includes copywriting, graphic design, pictures, optin form and more based on your campaign goal. Also, there are tracking systems to track your users/visitors to know where they are coming from and to retarget them based on different factors.

Email Marketing:

These tools can help you personalize each email to your lead and based on their decisions like email open, product or service purchased or not, and many other factors.


With the help of automation, you can connect different tools and software to gather information, share information, and work with 2 or more software and tools together to optimize, track and automate processes.

I used these to set up the funnel system for the client and then we moved to the ad but before starting the project we planned who we are targetting and what product or service we are going to sell or the free lead magnet. 

The option form you are going to use will be a part of an email marketing software like Activecampaign or Mailerlite or other. Once you have the leads optin/sign-up it will be stored inside the email marketing software and then you can create an email marketing sequence that will send emails once they sign up and later when they buy or don’t buy a product or service. 

Now to the ad:

As I previously mentioned the ad and the landing page must relate, we can have the message messaging and positioning in the landing page and the ad. 

Automations are needed when you are getting hundreds of leads and want to add your leads in a CRM to further communication.

All of this working together got us traffic which we can retarget and leads that can convert into customers/clients and if not we can follow up to help them with the decision if it will help them or not. 


We started with planning the campaign then worked on the funnel and finally ads after this, we followed up via ads and emails. Hope you found it helpful if you want help in building funnels and promoting your business, you can book a free call with me here –


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