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social media marketing for hotels and resorts[ How I brought customers]

social media marketing for hotels

Service – Organic Instagram marketing.

In Nov 2020, I approached hotels and this was the only hotel that was willing to pay for this service for Their resort/hotel even though the Industry had a Huge drop.

I believed in myself and explained this resort, how social media marketing can help them grow and also beat the competition 

Because when you use social media marketing in the right way you have a lot of benefits from awareness to generating a lead for the resorts/hotels but There are a lot of strategies involved and tactics

But importantly how you use social media to engage and build trust with the audience

Before pitching social media marketing services to any business first, I tried, tested, and worked on a lot of Instagram accounts till I found that I can help others with my experience and learnings.

And learning how to build a social media of a business and create awareness and business opportunity for them. 

It’s completely different to build an individual’s social media (personal brand) and a businesses social media (Brand)

Most of the people think building a business on social media is always selling something or other which is completely an unhealthy way for any business

First You need to build deeper trust and authority with content in different forms like pictures, videos, etc

More Content = More recognition, Content is king and it truly is.

For social media marketing for hotels and resorts example in this case it’s a hotel business, which means most of the content is surrounding, environment and most importantly the experience, experience is the main key in this hotel/resort business

Because in different types of business there are different things like in some cases experience matters a lot and in some, they need the work done properly or satisfaction.


In the hotel the customers always need a memorable and fun experience in resort, no one wants a bad experience in a resort/hotel when they are visiting from far places or even internationally

People travel for a better experience and for hotels is the main thing which is going to affect customer retention.

If you treat people in the way they want to be treated then you are confirmed that they are most liking accommodate in your resort/hotel

And with social media, you can show it through pictures and videos



If you start showcasing your resort/hotel to the world there is a high chance that people are going to choose you even if the competitor is offering more

But Why ?????


When you are building your presence on social media, You also build trust, authority and you are the one which comes in mind when they think of accommodation in that place.

Because people will pay you because of the trust you built with them with you content and educating/sharing about your resort/hotels experience

FOR EXAMPLE: there are 2 people who are selling the same products

Person A: You don’t know anything about him

Person B: You know him in some or another way doesn’t matter if you met him/her before

Which person you will buy from

Did you say Person B? I heard it in your mind, because you know him and have trust in him

This is the same scenario for many businesses and this is why most of them are winning in their field

The resort hired me and with all my knowledge and experience I started building their social media with content and audience

and used Strategies and tactics which I tried and tested with different accounts

I knew I will be able to create awareness through social media and gradually make them customers of the resort.

And after 2-3 months of work, building awareness, trust, engaging with people, and helping other people 

This was the result. We started getting leads and were reached out by influencers and the efforts started paying off, the client is very happy with all this

And I’m looking forward to helping more of the businesses in building their brand, awareness, trust,

and generate leads for them with different modes of social media marketing

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